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Breast Lift Incision Options

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Understanding Breast Lift Incision Options

A breast lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to lift, tighten, and firm sagging and drooping breasts into a youthful, perky, attractive-looking pair that will make you stop hiding behind oversized sweatshirts and layers of clothes. Throughout a woman’s life, there are many things that may contribute toward breast ptosis, also known as sagging breasts. From the natural influence of gravity on the body over time to fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, and breastfeeding- a woman’s breasts can go from being upright and pert to hanging low and droopy over the course of just a few years.

Our Raleigh board-certified plastic surgeon performs thousands of breast lifts and breast lifts with augmentation each year on women living in or traveling to North Carolina. One of the most common questions we hear from our breast lift patients is, “What will my scar look like?” Not only are women concerned with how the breast lift will impact their life and improve self-confidence, but they are also curious about the breast lift incision options available to them.

We are presenting you with a comprehensive look at your breast lift incision options to help you determine which is the best choice for your body.

Do All Breast Lift Incision Options Leave Scars?

Before we look at the types of breast lift incision options, we need to discuss the topic of scarring. During a breast lift procedure, your surgeon makes incisions on, near, or under your breasts using a scalpel. Whenever an incision is made on the skin, the tissue surrounding that incision will naturally grow new tissue as a way to heal and close the wound. This tissue creates a raised texture and a reddish-brown or pink appearance of the scar as it heals.

Many women want to avoid having scars on their breasts- this is understandable, as you’ve spent years covering yourself up due to insecurities over your sagging breasts, only to be left with scars you’ll now want to cover up. You are probably wondering: How can I feel confident at the beach or sexy in the bedroom with scars on my breasts? The truth is, scars are unavoidable when it comes to breast lift surgery. However, there are ways to minimize the appearance of scars before, during, and after your breast lift procedure.

The most important decision you can make if you are worried about scarring left behind from your breast lift is to choose a highly-rated, licensed, board-certified plastic surgeon with before and after photos of former breast lift patients. During your breast lift consultations, you will discuss your options for the type of incision that will be used so that you know what to expect from your incision site as your body heals.

Types of Breast Lift Incision Options

When considering or preparing for a breast lift, it’s important to consider all of the breast lift questions you have, including the type of breast lift incision options available to you. Depending on the type of surgery you are having, will depend on the type of incision. You and your breast lift surgeon will discuss the differences between a breast reduction and a breast lift or a breast lift with augmentation and which is right for you. Once you know the procedure, you can determine incision sites by looking at the breast lift incision options that are possible.

Crescent Breast Lift Incision

Women whose breasts have minimal sagging and just a small amount of excess breast tissue are good candidates for the crescent incision. Most commonly, the crescent incision is used for women undergoing a breast lift with augmentation surgery. This incision type removes only a small amount of tissue right on the line of the areola, where it will be mostly hidden by the change in color and texture at the edge of the areola site. Because of this small, crescent-shaped incision, there will be a tiny, discrete scar left behind.

Donut Breast Lift Incision

Also called the “concentric” lift, due to the circular shape of the incision, the concentric breast lift incision is made around the entire areola. This allows for slightly more access to perform a more significant lift to the breast than the crescent incision. Though a more dramatic lift can be made, this incision option is for breasts with minor to moderate sagging or for corrective breast surgery where a nipple reduction takes place. When the nipple is put into place and the incision is closed, the ridge of your areola, where there is already a natural shift in color and texture, will be where your scar is hidden.

Lollipop Breast Lift Incision

The lollipop incision is the best choice for breast surgeries that need a more moderate lift than with the previous incisions. Also called the “vertical” incision, this placement is the same as the concentric incision where a cut is made along the entire areola, but in addition to the concentric incision, there is a second, vertical incision down the center of the lower breast that meets with your breast crease. The incision mirrors the shape of a lollipop, traveling down vertically to allow your surgeon to gain more access to reshape and reconstruct the breast tissue.

Anchor Breast Lift Incision

Following the precedent of the previously mentioned incision options, the anchor or “standard” incision mimics the look of an anchor. This incision is the same as the lollipop, only there is a third incision made horizontally along the crease where the breast meets the chest. Patients with moderate to severe ptosis should opt for the anchor breast lift incision, as it will lift breasts that have significant sagging and allows for a breast lift with a breast reduction where the breast tissue is removed before your doctor reshapes the breasts.

What Breast Lift Incision Option is Right for Me?

The type of breast lift incision made will be based on your surgeon’s recommendations and your overall want and needs.

Since each breast lift incision option is best suited to a different level of breast ptosis, it will be easy for your doctor to determine which breast lift incision option is right for you. During your initial consultation, your surgeon will assess the severity of your breast sagging and discuss the incision option that will work best for your body.

Choosing a breast lift incision option is based on:

  • The severity of your breast ptosis.
  • The amount of lift needed for the best results.
  • The type of breast procedure you will get.
  • The overall goals you have for your body.

Once you undergo a full breast lift evaluation, Dr. Ortiz will recommend what type of breast lift incision option is best for you.

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