Breast Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Considering a breast lift? Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about the procedure here.

Breast Lift Questions

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift is the most effective way to reverse the sagging of the breasts and restore their youthfulness. This procedure relocates the breast tissue and nipples to their original (pre-aging/motherhood) position by removing excess skin and lifting the tissue.

Breast lifts generally do not change the size of breasts and do not involve implants, although a breast augmentation with implants can be combined with a breast lift.

What happens at my initial consultation?

During your consultation with Dr. Ortiz, he will discuss your goals, the nature of the breast lift, cost, and what you can expect in regards to recovery, complications, and scars. He will also discuss the different types of breast lifts and which one would be ideal for you.

What are the types of breast lifts?

There are a few breast lift techniques used by Dr. Ortiz. The technique used for breast lift will depend on your existing breast tissue, the amount of excess skin to be removed, and your goals.

Patients with less excess skin and minimal sagging may have a crescent lift or periareolar (“donut”) lift. These involve small incisions around the areola and result in minimal scarring. Patients with more severe sagging and more excess skin will likely have a vertical (“lollipop”), inverted T (“anchor”), or Wise pattern breast lift. Due to the increase in sagging and additional excess skin, these procedures require more incisions be made on the breasts.

Am I a good candidate for a breast lift?

Good candidates for a breast lift are at a healthy weight and have no other medical concerns with their breasts. We require patients seeking a breast lift to undergo proper breast cancer screening before surgery.

How long does a breast lift take?

On the day of your surgery, you should plan to spend approximately 5 hours at our surgery center. A breast lift itself takes approximately 3 1/2 hours and the remainder of the time will be spent administering anesthesia and preparing you to go home.

What kind of anesthesia will be used?

Our licensed anesthetist administers IV sedation for breast lifts.

What should I expect after a breast lift?

Most patients find that a breast lift reduces or eliminates uncomfortable excess fat and skin under their arms and the sides of their chest. You will also find that your bras fit better!

What kind of scars will I have?

Like any surgery, there is a risk of scarring after a breast lift. A crescent lift leaves minimal scarring that is hidden by pigment changes between the skin of the breast and the areola. Other breast lift techniques may leave thin horizontal or vertical scars on the breasts. These scars will fade over time and after one year, should be much less noticeable.

What is the recovery process like?

Since you will be coming out of anesthesia, you will need someone to drive you home from the center and stay with you for 24 hours after the surgery. You should plan to take 2-3 days off work following your surgery. While most patients find the pain to be tolerable, you will still need time to rest post-surgery.

You will wear a compression garment for six weeks and be unable to exercise for the same length of time. During recovery, it is important to sleep on your back or side. Unlike some breast procedures, no drain tubes are necessary after a breast lift at North Raleigh Plastic Surgery.

How many post-op appointments will I have?

You will have a minimum of 3 appointments with Dr. Ortiz after your breast augmentation: one appointment a week after the surgery, one appointment at 2 months post-surgery, and the final appointment at 6 months after surgery. If you need to see Dr. Ortiz at any time between these appointments, please call us.

How much does a breast lift cost?

The cost of a breast lift depends on your unique situation and the technique used. A breast lift procedure with North Raleigh Plastic Surgery ranges from $11,550 – $12,600.

What is included in the cost of the procedure?

The cost of your breast lift includes all pre-op and post-op appointments, anesthesia, the surgery and surgical materials, as well as any post-op compression garments. Prescription pain medication is not covered in the cost of surgery and is not dispensed by North Raleigh Plastic Surgery.

What are your payment terms?

We require a payment of 25% of the total cost up front to secure your surgery date. The remaining balance must be paid in full no later than two weeks before the surgery takes place. While most cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance, we offer a cash discount and accept Care Credit and all major credit cards.

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