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Each year, 3-4% of babies born in the US have a congenital anomaly. The type and severity of these abnormalities can vary wildly but all of them will impact the child’s appearance and ability to function and develop. Whether your child suffers from a cleft lip, cleft palate, or malformation of the ears, nose, jaw, hands, or feet, Dr. Ortiz can help. By correcting a structural congenital anomaly, Dr. Ortiz ensures patients experience a higher quality of life and feel more confident with their appearance.

What are Congenital Anomalies?

Congenital abnormalities are caused by issues during the development of the fetus and fall under two categories: structural, which have to do with the structure of body parts, or functional, which refers to abnormalities with one of the body’s systems. Plastic surgery can only correct or improve structural congenital abnormalities. The most common congenital anomaly is a cleft lip or palate, which is a small opening in the roof of the mouth and/or lip. This surgery can be performed on infants, but most procedures, including those to correct ear, jaw, or nasal malformation, require the child to be at least five years of age. In addition to discussing your child’s condition and surgery with you, Dr. Ortiz will consult with your child’s pediatrician to ensure he or she is getting the best treatment possible. Although most congenital abnormalities are corrected in childhood, adults who still live with an abnormality can benefit from corrective surgery and advanced techniques that cannot be used in children, like endoscopic surgeries. If you or your child were born with a congenital anomaly, it may be correctable with surgery. Dr. Ortiz is a highly-skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon who has helped countless people increase their quality of life with congenital anomaly correction surgery. To discuss your options with Dr. Ortiz, schedule your consultation by calling us at 919-532-2270 or submitting our online contact form below.
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