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If you feel your lips are too large or out of proportion to the rest of your features, you may feel self-conscious every time you smile, talk, or laugh. You may have even tried makeup tricks to reshape or minimize how large your lips look, only to feel frustrated with the results. Fortunately, renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Ortiz provides lip reduction surgery in Raleigh. This procedure can reduce and reshape your lips to provide you with a more balanced, proportionate appearance so you can love your looks and leave self-consciousness behind.

What Is Lip Reduction?

Lip reduction surgery, also called chelioplasty reduction, is a brief procedure to reshape and reduce the lip area. This procedure can be performed on either the upper or lower lip, or both, and while it’s more often performed when lips are naturally larger, it can also be used as a corrective for lips that have been increased to excess through fillers and scar tissue from injections.

Even when surgery is performed on both lips, the procedure is brief, often less than an hour and performed under local anesthesia. Small incisions are made on the inside of the lip and tissue is removed to decrease the overall size and create a less prominent shape. Dissolvable sutures are carefully placed to ensure symmetry and minimal scarring.

Once the procedure is complete, a bit of bruising and swelling is normal, and ice packs and over the counter pain medicine often helps with this. While it’s important to minimize talking, smiling, and laughing for the first day or two and eat soft foods for the first week, overall recovery is fairly mild.

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