Breast Augmentation Raleigh

Receiving a breast augmentation is one of the safest, quickest, and most effective ways to increase the fullness, symmetry, and overall appearance of your breasts. That is why numerous women come to our Raleigh breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Ortiz, to help enhance the appearance of their breasts, improve their figure, and significantly boost their self-confidence. Dr. Ortiz is both board-certified and internationally recognized and has assisted thousands of women in acquiring the look and figure of their dreams.

Raleigh Breast Augmentation Surgery

What is Breast Augmentation?

Women looking to increase the size of their breasts can turn to Dr. Ortiz for his surgical expertise. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can take a toll on the breasts and many women find themselves longing to achieve the fullness they once had. Likewise, women who have suffered an injury or have undergone a mastectomy may need breast augmentation. In this one-day, outpatient procedure, Dr. Ortiz will increase breast size and improve symmetry, resulting in larger, more symmetrical breasts. Surgical methods vary, but the most popular ones include placement of the implant into the pocket over the pectoral muscles directly behind the breast tissue (submammary) or placement under the pectoral muscles (submuscular). During your consultation, Dr. Ortiz will determine the type of incision needed, the best implant shape for your body, the best breast implant placement for your desired look, and recommend the best type of breast implant for you. Breast augmentation can be performed alone or in conjunction with a breast lift or other breast cosmetic procedures. Learn more about this procedure with our frequently asked questions.

Whether you are only considering receiving a breast augmentation or are ready to take the next steps towards this procedure, we encourage you to contact our plastic surgery center today. Dr. Ortiz has successfully assisted countless women in enhancing the appearance of their breasts and can certainly do the same for you. He will address any concerns you may have, educate you on the entirety of the procedure, and leave you feeling more confident about your figure than ever before. The cost of a breast augmentation with North Raleigh Plastic Surgery is $7,875 - $9,660. To schedule your personalized consultation at our plastic surgery center today, give us a call at 919-532-2270 or complete our easy-to-use online contact form below.

Breast Augmentation Before And After

Get the Figure You've Dreamed of With a Breast Augmentation at our Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center!

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