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What Can You Expect from Your Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a popular cosmetic procedure that adds shape and volume to your backside through a minimally invasive procedure. But, like any cosmetic procedure, there is a recovery period, and we wanted to provide more detail about that. If you’re considering a BBL, our plastic surgeon in Raleigh is sharing what you […]

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When Is It Safe to Exercise After Breast Augmentation?

During consultations with patients seeking breast augmentations, one of the questions our Raleigh plastic surgeon is asked frequently is when they can exercise after breast augmentation. Many of our patients work out regularly and don’t want a procedure to stand in the way of staying fit and healthy. If you’re wondering what the downtime looks […]

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Quitting Smoking & Vaping Before Plastic Surgery

If you plan on having plastic surgery or have started reading up on having breast augmentation or tummy tuck, you may have seen that you should stop using products with nicotine at least a month before the procedure. While we all know smoking is bad for your health, why is it absolutely necessary to cease […]

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What to Expect from Breast Reduction Surgery

For women with larger or heavy breasts, a breast reduction surgery is a welcome solution to chronic shoulder and back pain, skin irritation, and even the emotional effects of self-consciousness and low self-esteem. If you struggle with these issues or are simply unhappy with having large breasts, you may be considering a reduction mammaplasty but […]

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Long Term Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

If you are uncomfortable with having large breasts, whether you’re experiencing physical pain or struggle with confidence and self-esteem, you may be considering breast reduction surgery. If you’re weighing whether it’s right for you, our plastic surgeon in Raleigh is sharing several long-term benefits you can experience by undergoing this procedure. How Does a Breast […]

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Is a Breast Lift the Solution to Pregnancy & Post-Partum Breast Changes?

It’s no secret that pregnancy causes dramatic changes in a woman’s breasts. Often, tenderness, swelling, and feeling fuller is one of the first symptoms a woman experiences when she’s pregnant, and the changes continue over the following nine months and post-partum months. While these changes are necessary and unavoidable, they can lead to sagging, stretch […]

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Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon for Your Mommy Makeover

There is no question that pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding takes a toll on your entire body. While some women can restore their pre-baby body through diet and exercise, for most women who are dealing with breast changes, stretch marks, and other transformations, DIY fixes just aren’t enough. That’s why the Mommy Makeover has become so […]

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Brazilian Butt Lifts & Other 2020 Plastic Surgery Trends

Cosmetic surgery juxtaposes beauty with medicine, so as beauty trends change and medicine continues to evolve with new procedures and techniques, we see how these affect the popularity of certain procedures. Our plastic surgeon in Raleigh is dedicated to staying on the forefront of how cosmetic surgery evolves, and we wanted to take the opportunity […]

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Will a Tummy Tuck Treat Diastasis Recti?

If you’ve had a baby within the last 12 months or later, you may still have a round belly and people may be asking you when you’re due, it may not simply be baby weight causing the problem. You may have diastasis recti, and diet and exercise often don’t solve this condition. Often, the only […]