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Neck Lift Before & After

Neck Lift (Neck Rejuvenation), Neck lift (submental and peri-auricular), Fat grafting to cheeks

70-year-old female who presented for evaluation due to desire to have a more youthful neck line. The patient stated that the appearance of her neck made her look more aged than she feels and wanted to discuss treatment options to rejuvenate her neck. The patient stated only having fillers to her cheeks in the past but stated that it lasted only a few months with no sustained or significant results. She stated that she would not like to have a “done” appearance and wanted to have a natural-looking neck with a more defined angle.

Weight: 142 pounds. BMI: 26.

Neck Lift (Neck Rejuvenation)

53-year-old female with significant amount of sun and acne skin damage desired facial rejuvenation. Specifically, she desired a rejuvenated look of the skin, neck, and eyelids, as well as improved cheek volume.