Is Lipo 360 Right for You?

Whether it’s a bit of post-baby bulge or love handles, stubborn areas of fat hang around your mid-section, and no amount of diet or education can get them to budge. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone, but fortunately, you can get rid of the fat around your abdomen, sides, and back once and for all and enjoy a smooth, slim shape with Lipo 360. Our board-certified Raleigh plastic surgeon is sharing a closer look at this procedure to help you determine if it’s right for you.

What Is Lipo 360?

You are probably familiar with the idea of liposuction – a procedure in which fat deposits are removed from areas of the body. During the procedure, saline, water, and anesthesia are injected into the targeted area of fat cells, then suctioned out through a narrow cannula (like an IV needle). Typically, liposuction is performed on the belly, back, arms, legs, buttocks, hips, and breasts.

Lipo 360 uses these methods but it’s a more comprehensive procedure in which the entire midsection is targeted, rather than one specific area. Dr. Ortiz will work in a 360-degree fashion to remove fat from the upper and lower abdomen, sides, and back to create a flatter midsection and a more defined and contoured waist.

The Benefits of Lipo 360

Why choose Lipo 360 over traditional liposuction that only targets a specific area?

The main benefit to this procedure is that you will have a more inclusive result where the contours of your body will be improved. For example, traditional liposuction on the belly removes the fat, but the overall proportions of the body are largely unchanged. With a more comprehensive procedure, Dr. Ortiz will take into account the full profile and silhouette of the midsection by not only removing the areas of fat around the back, belly, and love handles, he will do it in a way that sculpts and shapes the body to provide you with the shape you want!

Additional Benefits of Liposuction 360

  • Removes stubborn belly flat to achieve a flatter stomach;
  • Removes the love handles to provide a narrow, more shapely waistline;
  • Can be performed with fat grafting to the buttock in a Brazilian Butt Lift;
  • No bulges or “muffin top” so clothing fits better;
  • Increased confidence and joy in your appearance

What Can Patients Expect from a Lipo 360?

Following the procedure itself, most patients experience minor soreness, discomfort, swelling, and bruising around the area. However, the downtime is minimal, and most people are able to go back to work and resume day-to-day activities within a few days, though more intensive and strenuous physical activity may be on hold for several weeks. Dr. Ortiz will provide you with a specific and individualized plan for healing.

As the swelling goes down from the area, patients can see results from the procedure. However, depending on how much fat is removed, it may take up to three months to see the final results. The final results are also very long-lasting, assuming the patient doesn’t lose or gain a significant quantity of weight.

Ideal Candidates for Liposuction 360

It’s important to note that liposuction, even the lipo 360 procedure, is not a weight loss solution. Ideally, people interested in this procedure should be at a healthy weight who is seeking a solution for stubborn areas of fat that won’t go away through diet and exercise.

Additionally, it’s important to:

  • Have realistic expectations as to what the procedure can and cannot provide;
  • Not smoke for at least 6 weeks prior and following the procedure;
  • Be in overall good health;

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