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Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery After the Age of 50

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Join us on an enlightening journey as we delve into the latest advancements and insights in the realm of plastic surgery.
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Women and men of all ages have similar reasons for getting plastic surgery- whether it’s to improve confidence or feel happier and healthier in their own skin, it’s perfectly normal to seek out a plastic surgery procedure at any stage of your life.

Women over the age of 50, however, have some unique reasons they turn toward plastic surgery procedures. In addition to improvements to their self-esteem, plastic surgery after 50 is an easier decision for some women to make than it was in their earlier years. There are several contributing factors, such as being more financially stable, having the time to prioritize themselves, reversing the effects of menopause on the body, and seeing that cosmetic procedures are more socially acceptable than they used to be.

If you are over 50 and looking for a Raleigh board-certified plastic surgeon, North Raleigh Plastic Surgery has everything you need to look and feel young again.

Reason #1: Increased Popularity, Knowledge, and Acceptance

For women over the age of 50, growing up in the 60s, 70s, and 80s was a time when people did not really openly talk about plastic surgery like they do today. Even in the 1990s, plastic surgery was often presented as something only celebrities or rich women had access to- whereas nowadays that is not the case.

In those past decades, getting plastic surgery would often be looked at with shame. Many women who underwent surgical procedures for cosmetic purposes would keep it to themselves due to this social stigma and lack of access to information. This wasn’t because women didn’t want to change things about themselves, it simply was not talked about as openly as today.

Liposuction After 50

Luckily, nowadays there is more information available to people of all ages- due to increased access to this information, celebrities talking openly about plastic surgery, trends in various surgical procedures becoming popularized, and the movement toward women becoming empowered to love themselves, getting plastic surgery does not hold the same weight of guilt or shame that it used to for women.

The 21st century has shown an increase in social acceptance of plastic surgery for people of all ages and genders- but for women over the age of 50 who have toyed with the idea of getting a plastic surgery procedure in the past, they’ve come to realize that since that stigma no longer exists, they feel more comfortable pursuing it as an avenue toward loving and accepting their bodies.

Liposuction After 50

Although liposuction is not going to give a woman over the age of 50 her 20 or even 30-year-old body back, it can help to smooth and contour the skin, so long as the skin still has some elasticity to it.

Since liposuction is one of the more commonly understood and straightforward plastic surgery procedures, women who were hesitant about surgery in their past years tend to find that it’s a good procedure to introduce themselves to what plastic surgery can achieve for their minds and bodies.

With a relatively fast procedure and recovery time, liposuction to the arms, legs, buttocks, or mid-section can vastly improve how a woman over 50 feels about herself while alleviating some of the fears she may have felt during her youth toward going “under the knife.”

A Tummy Tuck After 50

Over the age of 50, women tend to carry weight in specific areas of the body, with the mid-section being one of them. When someone is not a candidate for liposuction to their stomach, it’s usually because they have excess fat that needs to be removed with incisions rather than a tube.

For this reason, an abdominoplasty– known more commonly as a tummy tuck, is a preferred method of fat removal for many women after turning 50, particularly when they can see before and after pictures online that shows them the potential results… a benefit they didn’t have access to in their younger years.

Reason #2: Improved Self Confidence

It has become more than just a trend for people to feel empowered to love the body they are in, it’s become a movement for “body positivity,” despite someone’s age, size, or even gender. While it’s true that the term “body positivity” suggests loving your body despite imperfections, it’s also a movement toward doing what you want to your body in order to feel good about yourself.

The idea is that while some people will choose to embrace the signs of aging- not doing anything to combat grey hairs, wrinkles on their skin, or excess weight they’ve gained through the years, it is equally okay in the body positivity movement to use popular plastic surgery procedures to increase your self-confidence. In the same way you might go to the hair salon to cover up those grey hairs, you can utilize plastic surgery procedures to feel good about yourself and improve your self-esteem. The only difference is that you do not need to go back to your surgeon every few months for a touch-up!

Everyone deserves to feel confident in themselves and to feel beautiful, regardless of their weight, skin texture, or age. If surgery can do that for someone over the age of 50 (or any age, for that matter) then that should be looked at as a positive shift toward improved self-confidence.

Facelift After 50

A facelift is one of the procedures that can truly transform how a person over the age of 50 feels about themself. As people age, the skin on their faces begins to lose its elasticity, leading to the appearance of sagging, loose skin.

With a facelift, a woman over 50 can look and feel younger by tightening that sagging skin and giving it a more youthful appearance. Lifting, smoothing, firming, and rejuvenating aging skin on the face is one of the most popular procedures people seek out after 50 because it can make dramatic improvements to self-esteem.

Renuvion Skin Tightening

There may be a reason- whether a medical condition or a personal choice- that keeps a person from wanting an invasive surgical procedure that requires excisions like a facelift. In those instances, there is an alternative procedure called Renuvion.

Renuvion is a skin tightening procedure used to eliminate and reduce the signs of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of aging. Renuvion does not use any surgical scalpels to remove and tighten skin. Instead, the use of a small cannula-like wand is used on the surface of the skin. Through the use of radio frequency and helium plasma technology, this wand heats beneath the surface of the skin, promoting the growth of collagen beneath. Additionally, the skin shows immediate signs of tightening through tissue stimulation.

The results of a Renuvion procedure can make it appear that years’ worth of wear has been shaved from your face. With a brighter, more vibrant, youthful tautness to the skin and reduction of wrinkles showing almost immediately, the results of Renuvion last for years.

Eye Lift and Brow Lift After 50

Blepharoplasty surgery is a popular procedure after 50 because it reduces signs of aging around the eyes- a location on the face that can usually show the years due to loss of smoothness and tightness. As we age, the eyelids inevitably begin to sag, making eyelid surgery a great choice for women over 50 who want to feel a boost of confidence at their age.

Often combined with an eye lift, a brow lift surgery is another way to brighten up the face and eyes by reducing the sagging of the brow area by pulling them upward, opening the space between the eyes and brows for an appearance that will shed years off of your face.

Reason #3: Health and Comfort

By the time you’ve reached the age of 50, your body has endured a half-century worth of wear and tear on it. It’s during this stage in life that people tend to revitalize their health goals and find new ways to be comfortable in the bodies they have.

From back, neck, hip, and leg pain to wanting to live life with ease, when someone is in their 50s they do not have the same level of comfort they did in their younger years. Working out and being active is more difficult as more aches and pains arise, so making physical changes to their bodies through plastic surgery procedures can prove to bring the comfort they desire.

Breast Reduction After 50

It’s no secret that women with larger breasts can develop back pain over the course of their lives due to carrying that excess weight. After 50, a woman may seek out breast reduction surgery to alleviate back, neck, and hip pain that occurs as a result of a heavy chest. As a woman ages, the last thing she wants is to continue the same path of progressive pain when it is something she can take action over fixing.

Macromastia, the condition of having large breasts, that can lead to pain can also limit your ability for aerobic exercise and general comfort the older you get. A reduction mammaplasty surgery is the most effective way to rid yourself of the stress and pain associated with large breasts, as the procedure eliminates excess fat and tissue causing mass, for a smaller, firmer breast that will not cause you the pain that carrying large breasts does.

Breast Implant Removal After 50

If you got breast augmentation surgery years ago, it’s possible you are no longer happy with the size of your implants or the appearance of implants that followed now-outdated beauty trends. Furthermore, most breast implants have a lifespan of 10-15 years, so for your overall well-being, it would not be surprising for someone over the age of 50 to need to have breast implants removed.

Whether you are looking to replace your older breast implants with new ones or you are looking to forego implants altogether in your later years of life, you can undergo breast implant removal surgery as a way to prioritize your health and comfort.

Reason #4: Correcting the Adverse Effects of Menopause

Sometime between the ages of 45 to 55, most women will begin to feel the effects of menopause. During menopause, the body undergoes many changes, from weight fluctuations, hot flashes, and irregularities to monthly cycles, the effects of menopause can make a huge impact on how a woman looks and feels.

While there is no way to avoid this occurrence and no telling exactly when the process will begin or end, it is no surprise that women over 50 who have gone through menopause see some adverse effects to their bodies that they do not love.

Menopause Makeover After 50

When estrogen levels drop, women tend to experience a loss of muscle mass and an increase in accumulated fat cells. These stubborn fat cells tend to be around the tummy, hips, thighs, and buttocks, and do not respond well to exercise and a healthy diet like they may have in your 20s, 30s, or even 40s.

The “meno makeover” is a full-body procedure that often includes a tummy tuck, breast lift or breast augmentation, liposuction, and a facelift. Discussing the goals for your meno makeover with your surgeon will help determine what procedures to include in your all-encompassing body makeover designed to reverse the effects caused by menopause.

Body Lift After 50

A belt lipectomy, commonly called a body lift surgery, is when skin that has lost elasticity due to aging, sun damage, stretch marks, and fat deposits are surgically removed. Body lifts, much like a meno makeover, are catered to the specific needs of each individual client. The main target areas, however, are usually the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, and lower back. The procedure usually includes liposuction to remove stubborn fat deposits in addition to the removal and smoothing of excess skin.

Reason #5: Having the Time and Money to Prioritize Yourself

After turning 50, most women find that they are finally able to prioritize their own needs and wants. For women who have children, by the time they are 50+, their children have usually moved out of their homes and are old enough to take care of their own necessities. This alleviates caretaking responsibilities and makes plenty of room for time to prioritize themselves.

Additionally, after the age of 50, women tend to be more financially independent- earning higher salaries, paying off past debts, and having the time to build up a savings account. These factors contribute to a woman over 50 having the freedom of prioritizing and spoiling herself with things that make her happy and are good for her health and well-being.

Breast Augmentation After 50

Maybe you’ve always wanted larger or perkier breasts, or perhaps you have always had the goal of achieving a more hourglass shape in your body that can’t be achieved without surgery. Whatever the case, it’s very common for women over 50 to get breast augmentation surgery to feel confident, look better in clothing, and love their aging bodies.

When a woman over 50 gets breast implants, it can improve the symmetry of the breasts, tighten the skin around the breasts for added perkiness, increase the size of the chest, and boost her confidence by giving her the body she’s always wanted.

Rhinoplasty After 50

Nose jobs are a popular plastic surgery procedure for women of all ages, but by the time a woman turns 50, 60, or even 70, she may find it’s finally time to correct parts of herself that have caused insecurities throughout the course of her life.

A rhinoplasty can dramatically change the appearance of the face just by simple adjustments like creating symmetry or eliminating an unwanted bump. Due to reaching the years of her life where she finds it’s time to prioritize herself, women over 50 years old may be moved to seeking out a board-certified plastic surgeon who will give them the nose they always wished they had.

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