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You want to feel proud and confident in your body, wear clothes that make you feel and look your best, and enjoy time at the beach, but if you’re struggling with sagging skin and stubborn fat deposits after weight loss or pregnancy, you may feel anything but confident in how you look. Fortunately, a body lift may be the solution to having a smoother, more sculpted figure, and Dr. Ortiz, Raleigh’s leading plastic surgeon, can help you get the results you dream of.

What is a Body Lift?

A body lift, also known as a “belt lipectomy,” removes excess skin, as well as areas of damage, stretch marks, and fat deposits while repairing and tightening tissue that’s lost its elasticity. Every body lift is tailored to the unique needs of each patient, the main targeted areas are the lower abdomen, sides, and lower back, and may include the buttocks and thighs. While minimal stubborn fat deposits may be removed, more extensive fat removal would require liposuction performed in conjunction with the body lift.

The procedure is performed by Dr. Ortiz making a series of small incisions, similar to the general outline of a bikini to remove the excess skin and fat. Then, he will lift, shape, and tighten the remaining tissue in order to achieve a smoother, more toned and contoured physique. Results are visible almost immediately, though the final results may take up to a year to be fully visible.

A body lift may be performed with other procedures, such as an arm lift or breast lift. During your pre-surgery consultations, Dr. Ortiz will discuss these options with you to determine which best meets your needs and will help you achieve the goals you have for how you want your body to look.

Is a Body Lift Right for You?

A body lift is a safe procedure that has helped thousands of women and men complete their weight loss journey and feel confident and happy with their bodies. A body lift may be for you if you have loose, sagging skin around your abdomen, buttocks, and thighs as a result of weight loss, pregnancy, sun damage, or age. In order to maintain your results, it’s important that you have reached a stable weight and are not planning on getting pregnant. Otherwise, it may be beneficial to delay the procedure. For your health and safety, you should not smoke, vape, or use nicotine, and are committed to a healthier lifestyle so you can maintain your results and are healthy for a surgical procedure with no additional risks.

Schedule a Consultation for a Body Lift Today

Dr. Ortiz has helped women and men in Raleigh and around the world feel confident in how they look through plastic surgery following weight loss, and he can do the same for you. When you sit down with him to discuss the procedure, he will talk about your options as well as provide a comprehensive look at the procedure and recovery process and what you can expect from the results. Call us at 919-532-2270 or complete our online contact form below to schedule your personalized consultation at our renowned Raleigh plastic surgery center.

23-year-old male, who underwent weight loss surgery and sustained over 200 lbs. weight loss, presented for evaluation due to a significant amount of excess loose skin. He felt that this made it hard for him to maintain an active lifestyle and very hard for him to find properly fitting clothing.

Weight 215 pounds. Height 5 feet 8 inches. BMI: 33

Procedures: Chest Wall Dermolipectomy, Nipple Graft, Belt Lipectomy (Abdominoplasty and back dermolipectomy)

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