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Difference Between Buttock Lift, Buttock Lift w/ Auto Augmentation, and BBL

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At North Raleigh Plastic Surgery, we understand that your journey towards enhanced confidence and well-being begins with a choice of which surgical procedure works best for your body goals. If you’ve ever been curious about the differences between a Buttock Lift, Buttock Lift with Auto Augmentation, and Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), our plastic surgery team has the answers you need.

Our body transformation experts are helping you to navigate the intricacies of these popular cosmetic surgery options, offering you an in-depth understanding of their unique techniques, benefits, and considerations. Equipped with this knowledge of the differences between these popular procedures, you can begin your well-informed process to decide which is best for you.

What is a Buttock Lift?

A buttock lift, also known as gluteal lift or butt lift surgery, is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure designed to improve the contour, shape, and overall appearance of the buttocks. During a buttock lift, excess skin and tissue are removed from the buttocks, giving them a more youthful, toned, and lifted appearance.

Who is a Candidate for a Butt Lift Procedure?

This surgical intervention is particularly beneficial for individuals who have experienced significant weight loss, sagging skin due to aging, or are dissatisfied with the natural shape of their buttocks. By reshaping and rejuvenating the buttocks, a buttock lift can help enhance body proportions and boost self-confidence.

Indications that a buttocks lift might be right for you include:

  • Loose or sagging skin on the buttocks
  • Loss of buttock volume and contour due to aging or weight loss
  • Desire for a more youthful and lifted buttock appearance
  • Discontent with the current shape and proportion of the buttocks

Patients considering a buttock lift should have realistic expectations and be in good overall health. It’s important to consult with an experienced, skilled, and reputable Raleigh plastic surgeon to determine if this procedure is suitable for your specific goals.

How is a Buttocks Lift Performed?

Buttock lift surgery involves several surgical techniques and incision placements, which may vary based on the patient’s individual requirements. Most notably, having the incision for a butt lift placed within the natural crease of the buttocks or the natural transition points allows for the discreet placement of your surgical scar.

Common techniques include:

  • Upper buttock lift: Focuses on lifting the upper portion of the buttocks and is ideal for patients with sagging in this area.
  • Lower buttock lift: Concentrates on lifting the lower part of the buttocks and is suitable for those with sagging in the lower buttock region.
  • Circumferential or belt lipectomy: Addresses sagging in both the buttocks and the outer thighs, often performed in conjunction with other body contouring procedures such as liposuction or body lift.

What are the Expected Results and Recovery Process for a Buttock Lift?

Following a buttock lift, patients can anticipate:

  • A firmer, lifted, and more aesthetically pleasing buttock appearance.
  • Improved self-confidence and body image.
  • A post-operative recovery period that may require 3-6 weeks, during which patients will be advised to avoid strenuous activities and follow post-operative care instructions closely.

While initial results are visible shortly after the procedure, full recovery and optimal results may take several months as swelling subsides and the incisions heal.

How is a Buttock Lift with Auto Augmentation Different from a Traditional Buttock Lift?

A buttock lift with auto augmentation differs from a traditional buttock lift primarily in its approach to enhancing the shape and volume of the buttocks. While both procedures aim to lift and rejuvenate the buttocks, the key distinction lies in the use of the patient’s own tissue for augmentation in a buttock lift with auto augmentation.

In a traditional buttock lift, excess skin and tissue are removed to lift and reshape the buttocks. However, this may not address issues related to volume loss, which can lead to a flat or deflated appearance.

In contrast, a buttock lift with auto augmentation combines the lifting of a traditional buttock lift with the addition of the patient’s own fat or tissue which is used to increase the size of the buttock. This fat or tissue is then strategically injected or moved into the buttocks to enhance their size, shape, and contour. It provides a more comprehensive solution by both lifting and augmenting the buttocks.

Who Are Ideal Candidates for Buttock Lift with Auto Augmentation?

Ideal candidates for a buttock lift with auto augmentation typically include individuals who:

  • Desire a fuller and more shapely buttock appearance.
  • Experience sagging or drooping of the buttocks.
  • Have sufficient tissue in the area of the buttocks or fat in donor areas (typically the abdomen, thighs, or flanks) for the augmentation component of the procedure.
  • Are in good overall health and have realistic expectations.

What are the Surgical Techniques Used for Buttock Lift with Auto Augmentation?

The surgical techniques employed in a buttock lift with auto augmentation can vary depending on the patient’s anatomy, needs, and the surgeon’s approach.

However, the general steps include:

  • Liposuction: The surgeon performs liposuction on the donor areas to collect excess fat.
  • Fat Processing: The harvested fat or tissue is carefully processed and purified.
  • Augmentation: The processed fat is strategically injected into the buttocks to achieve the desired shape and volume.
  • Skin Reshaping: Excess skin is removed, and the remaining skin is lifted and tightened to create a more youthful appearance.
  • Incisions: Incisions are made in discrete locations, such as in the natural crease of the buttock or normal transition points, to minimize visible scarring.

****** you can not take tissue from distant locations to move to the buttock except fat or small dermal grafts which would not be beneficial. You can use local tissue and move it to help shape the buttocks. May want to include that in a separate steps listing

What are the Expected Results for Buttock Lift with Auto Augmentation?

The expected results of a buttock lift with auto augmentation include:

  • A lifted and more youthful appearance of the buttocks.
  • Enhanced shape, volume, and contour.
  • Improved proportions and overall body symmetry.
  • A natural-looking outcome since the augmentation uses the patient’s own tissue.
  • Long-lasting results, as the transplanted fat or local tissue used typically integrates well into the buttocks.

Final results may become more apparent after the initial swelling subsides and as the body fully heals, typically several months post-surgery. It’s important for patients to maintain a stable weight and follow post-operative care instructions to optimize and maintain their results over time.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has gained significant popularity in recent years, offering individuals a comprehensive approach to achieving a curvier and more sculpted buttock appearance. This procedure combines liposuction with fat grafting to create fuller and shapelier buttocks.

How is a BBL Different from A Butt Lift and Butt Lift with Auto Augmentation?

When considering options for buttock enhancement, it’s important to recognize the key differences between a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and a traditional buttock lift or buttock lift with auto augmentation. These distinctions play a significant role in determining which procedure aligns better with your aesthetic goals and body type.

As discussed above, a traditional butt lift removes skin and fat from the buttocks area, with the incision being placed in the crease of the buttocks or natural transition points. The remaining skin is lifted and contoured to create an aesthetically appealing shape. A butt lift with auto augmentation uses a similar technique to a buttocks lift, but with the addition of fat transfer into the buttocks or local tissue to create volume and shape.

In contrast, a Brazilian Butt Lift does not include the incisions associated with the prior two procedures– it instead focuses entirely on having one’s own purified fat strategically injected into the buttocks to enhance their size and shape.

Recovery, Results, and Longevity of BBL Results

Following a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), patients can expect an initial recovery phase marked by swelling, bruising, and discomfort. They’re typically advised not to sit or lie directly on their buttocks for a few weeks to protect the newly transferred fat, and compression garments will be recommended.

While immediate results are noticeable, they are influenced by swelling, and the full outcome becomes apparent as swelling subsides over several weeks to months. However, it’s important to note that some of the transferred fat may be reabsorbed by the body over time, making fat retention variable among individuals.

To maintain and optimize BBL results, patients should aim for a stable weight, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and consider touch-up procedures if needed, typically after 6-12 months for result stabilization. Clear communication with your plastic surgeon and adherence to post-operative instructions are essential for achieving long-lasting results following a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Buttock Lift, Buttock Lift with Auto Augmentation, and BBL

Choosing the right buttock enhancement procedure is a critical decision, and several factors should be considered:

  • Your specific aesthetic goals: Determine whether you prioritize lift (buttock lift), volume (Brazilian Butt Lift), or both (buttock lift with auto augmentation).
  • Skin laxity and sagging: Evaluate the extent of sagging in your buttocks, which can influence the choice between a lift or augmentation.
  • Available fat for grafting: Assess whether you have sufficient fat in donor areas for a BBL.
  • Desired recovery time: Consider the recovery period associated with each procedure and how it aligns with your lifestyle.

Consultation with our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Ortiz

Before making a decision, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in buttock enhancement.

During the consultation:

  • Discuss your goals, concerns, and expectations openly.
  • Receive a thorough evaluation of your anatomy and suitability for each procedure.
  • Gain insight into the surgeon’s recommendations based on your unique needs.
  • Review the surgeon’s portfolio of before-and-after photos to visualize potential results.
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