Asymmetrical Breasts: Breast Augmentation, Reduction, and Other Solutions

Breast asymmetry is a common issue for women, and it’s perfectly normal for one breast to be slightly larger or smaller or have a difference in position or volume compared to the other. Most asymmetry or unevenness is not noticeable, even when wearing a bathing suit. However, for women who have more significant differences in size or shape, this can cause insecurity or a lack of confidence in how you look, especially when wearing bathing suits, lingerie, or even when you’re with your partner. Fortunately, if breast asymmetry is affecting your confidence, there are solutions, and Dr. Ortiz, a leading Raleigh plastic surgeon, is discussing your options.

Causes of Breast Asymmetry

Breasts are composed of fat, milk ducts and glands, nerves, veins, and arteries, and underneath the breast are the pectoral muscles. Any differences in adipose tissue, muscle development, or glandular tissue can affect symmetry. Additionally, hormonal shifts during pregnancy or menopause, hypertrophy during puberty, weight gain or loss, and even age can cause breasts to be asymmetrical.

Temporary Solutions To Make Breasts Appear More Even

Many women have tried temporary or external solutions to making their breasts appear more even. Using padded bras in which the padding is removed from one side or relying on silicone bra inserts (called “chicken cutlets” due to their appearance) are common. However, there are several problems with these external methods:

  • Inserts and padding can shift and move causing you to be even more self-conscious and uncomfortable about your breasts;
  • Using pre-made inserts and pads may make you appear even more asymmetrical and uneven;
  • They are noticeable when only wearing a bathing suit or lingerie;

Using pads and inserts aren’t true solutions because even when they work and are comfortable, there will be times they aren’t available or can’t be used.

Cosmetic Procedures for Breast Asymmetry

If breast asymmetry is a concern, we would recommend a cosmetic procedure that will properly correct the issue and give you a customized solution so you can feel confident and comfortable, no matter what.

Breast Augmentation

If there is a significant difference in size between your breasts, or you would prefer more volume or a larger size, breast augmentation surgery can help you meet your goals. Dr. Ortiz can place an implant in one breast to match the size of your larger breast, or he can correct asymmetry while adding volume with two implants of differing size.

Breast Reduction

For less severe asymmetry, or if you would like to maintain the size of your smaller breast, breast reduction is a solution that may work best for you. Dr. Ortiz can perform a breast reduction surgery to remove tissue and reshape the breast to be more closely matched to the other.

Breast Lift

If one breast has lost more elasticity than the other and appears to sag or droop more than the other, a breast lift may be the right option to correct the asymmetry. Also, this may be performed in conjunction with a breast reduction as removing volume may cause additional sagging. Dr. Ortiz will remove excess skin and tighten the tissues to lift the breasts and improve firmness.

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