Long Term Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

If you are uncomfortable with having large breasts, whether you’re experiencing physical pain or struggle with confidence and self-esteem, you may be considering breast reduction surgery. If you’re weighing whether it’s right for you, our plastic surgeon in Raleigh is sharing several long-term benefits you can experience by undergoing this procedure.

How Does a Breast Reduction Surgery Work?

Breast reduction surgery, or, reduction mammoplasty, removes excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin to reduce the size and weight of the breasts. Sometimes liposuction is a part of the procedure to remove excess fat, but it’s dependent on the circumstances. A plastic surgeon will work with the patient to determine the best course of action based on the patient’s goals and preference as well as the safest method.

Why Women Choose to Have Their Breasts Reduced

Women with large or heavy breasts often struggle with the following physical problems, including:

  • Chronic neck and back pain caused by the weight of breast tissue;
  • Nerve pain caused by compression where the ribs, shoulder blades, and nerves meet.
  • Pain and discomfort when exercising or during physical activity;
  • Skin irritation and chafing under the breasts;

In addition to these physical issues, many women suffer from poor self-image caused by their large or disproportionate breasts. These issues can begin during the teenage years, and, if not corrected, can lead to long term problems. Fortunately, a breast reduction surgery can solve many, if not all, of these issues.

Long Term Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

After having reduction mammaplasty, a woman can experience several long-term benefits and improvements to her quality of life, including:

Reduction in Chronic Pain

Women with large breasts often suffer shoulder, neck, and back pain. By removing the extra weight, the pain is immediately reduced and stays gone.

Nerve Pain Relief

Because the shoulders won’t roll forward and compress nerves, there won’t be nerve pain or any accompanying numbness or tingling.

Active Lifestyle

With smaller breasts, you can comfortably enjoy aerobic and cardiovascular exercise as well as other types of activity. It’s easier to find a more supportive bra and your breasts won’t “get in the way” of activity.

Better Sleep

Often, women with large breasts struggle to find a comfortable position to sleep and will wear uncomfortable bras to sleep in. Following a breast reduction surgery, it’s easier to find a comfortable position and wear what you want to sleep in without the need for excess support.

Improved Self-Esteem

If you’re self-conscious or uncomfortable with your breasts, a reduction can improve your emotional quality of life. It’s often easier to find more attractive and flattering clothes, you can go to the beach or pool without worrying about your appearance, and you can feel confident in your body.

Choosing the Right Time for Breast Reduction

A breast reduction procedure is generally very safe and many women recover very quickly. While a woman can have a reduction performed at almost any age, even during adolescence, it may be better to wait if you plan on becoming pregnant and breastfeeding, or if you plan on losing weight. Weight loss can affect breast size, so having the procedure, then going on a diet may lead to results you’re not pleased with.

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