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Mini Tummy Tuck Before & After

Mini Tummy Tuck, Mini Tummy Tuck, Renuvion to abdomen and flanks, Bilateral medial thigh lift

47 year old female who wished to discuss multiple body contouring procedures. After losing approximately 100 pounds on her own through diet and exercise, the patient was displeased in particular with excess skin on her thighs. She is very physically active, and stated that she experienced chafing due to her excess thigh skin.

BMI = 25

Mini Tummy Tuck, Liposuction to Neck, Arms, Upper Breasts

40 year old female who was seen for a chief complaint of body contour deformity. She cited excess fat of the abdomen, arms, back, flanks, left breast, right breast, and upper outer quadrant of breast to the anterior axillary roll; as well as skin laxity of the abdomen. She also brought attention to a dorsal nasal hump that she wanted to have reduced.

Procedures performed:

Liposuction to Neck, Arms, Upper Breasts, Circumferential Trunk.
Mini Abdominoplasty

Mini Tummy Tuck, Mini Tummy Tuck, Lipo 360, Fat Grafting to Buttocks

42-year-old female who presented for evaluation with desires to improve the appearance of her waist and enhance her buttocks. She felt that there were significant fatty deposits along the abdomen and lateral thighs, and had lost projection of her buttocks as she aged.

Weight: 139 pounds. BMI: 27.

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