How to Maintain Your Brazilian Butt Lift

You want a curvier, rounder backside, and, after weighing your options, you’ve decided a Brazilian butt lift is right for you. After all, it’s minimally invasive, generally safe, and gets incredible results, and because we are fat grafting to the buttock, you can remove fat from a “problem area.” However, because we are using fat and not an implant, the care required is a bit different than other procedures. To help you better understand how to maintain your Brazilian butt lift, our highly regarded plastic surgeon in Raleigh, Dr. Ortiz, is sharing some tips.

Focus on Post Operative Care After Your Brazilian Butt Lift

After the initial procedure, following post-operative guidelines is essential to getting the best results as well as staying healthy and avoiding any complications. This means it’s important to:

  • Wear your proper compression garments to help the skin tighten back up and improve healing;
  • Avoid smoking, vaping, or using tobacco products. Tobacco inhibits oxygen flow through the blood and slows healing, so using it could prevent the transferred fat cells from establishing.
  • Rest and avoid working out, driving, or strenuous activity. While after a day or two, you can certainly get up and move around, take a shower, and fix light meals, you still need to take it easy. Lying down on your side or stomach and resting will speed up healing and allow the swelling to go down more quickly.


It’s important to note that while the initial swelling will go down quickly, it can take six weeks to a few months for your buttocks to “stabilize” and for you to see the final result. This means that while you may think your buttocks are larger than you expected and thus, you can skip some recovery steps, you may end up hindering the results.

Minimize Pressure on the Buttock

Pressure on the buttock can suffocate and prevent proper blood flow to the transferred fat cells which will hurt your results. You’ll want to stay off the area for around 10 days, instead, laying on your side or your stomach as we mentioned above. Even after the initial recovery time, you want to avoid sitting on your buttocks directly for a minimum of three to up to six weeks following your procedure. During times when you must sit, such as when you’re a passenger in a car, you’ll have a cushion to use that will transfer the pressure off your buttocks and help you get the best results from your procedure.


Wear the Right Clothes to Maintain Your BBL

Following your BBL, you’ll be instructed to wear a special compression garment or a binder for up to six weeks after the procedure to support both your buttocks and the area where fat was removed. As we mentioned, this will improve healing, skin elasticity, and your overall results. It’s important for your compression garments fit snugly but it should never be tight or uncomfortable. This can restrict blood flow to the area and damage the transferred fat cells.


It’s also important following the procedure to avoid wearing tight, restrictive clothing during the healing process that could restrict blood flow such as tightly-fitting jeans. Instead, opt for a looser fit that will allow you to wear your shapewear comfortably and won’t add additional restriction. Remember, this is only for a few weeks after your procedure, and after that, you can wear whatever makes you feel your best!

Focus on Nourishing and Exercising Your Body

The key to ensuring long term success and lasting results you love is simply taking care of yourself. While the first few weeks after surgery, it’s important to minimize activity and avoid heavier activity and workouts for up to six weeks, once you are cleared to exercise, we highly recommend it. Working your legs and glutes in particular will keep your muscles in shape and your buttocks more lifted and full while exercising in general will keep your blood moving and nourishing your cells.


We also recommend staying at a stable, healthy weight to maintain your results. After liposuction and fat transfer to the buttock, major shifts in weight can change your fat cells and lead them to accumulate in different areas. Eating a diet with lots of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean proteins, as well as drinking plenty of water will be highly beneficial to keeping your butt looking fantastic.

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