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Forehead Reduction Before & After

Forehead Reduction and Breast Augmentation

38 year old female was dissatisfied with her forehead size and wanted it to be reduced in height.

Forehead Reduction

25 year old female who was interested in forehead reduction. She felt that her hairline was too high.
BMI = 21.5

Forehead Reduction

43 year old female who was interested in a forehead reduction. She wished to improve the appearance of a high hairline.

Forehead Reduction

26 year old female who was interested in forehead reduction. She stated that she was very insecure about the length of her forehead, and wished to have her forehead lowered as much as possible.

Forehead Reduction

28 year old female presented with desires to decrease the height of the hairline.

Forehead Reduction, Forehead Reduction with Hairline Advancement

18 year old female who desired to have a shorter forehead because she believed it was too long and round. She constantly had to wear a head piece that she would advance over her natural hairline in order to camouflage the native hairline. She stated that she would be OK with having a scar that is somewhat along the hairline. I discussed with her the type of scar that she would have and that we can shorten the distance between the brows and the hairline by about 2-3 cm.

Weight: 124 pounds. BMI: 22