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You work out, eat right, and strive to improve your body, but there’s a prominent bump at the bottom of your sternum that you feel self-conscious about. Most likely, this is a malformation of the xiphoid process, a small bone structure located at the end of the breastbone.

While it’s unnoticeable for the majority of the population, in some men, the end of the bone may angle outward, leading to a noticeable protrusion right below the sternum.  If you’re uncomfortable with the way your chest looks due to this, we can help by answering questions to your frequently asked questions about Xiphoidectomy and scheduling a consultation for a surgery to transform your xiphoid process.  Dr. Ortiz, a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Raleigh, can perform a xiphoidectomy surgery to remove the bone structure and help you achieve a flatter, smoother chest.

What Is a Xiphoidectomy

As we mentioned above, the xiphoid process is a bone structure located at the base of the breastbone. At birth, it’s made from cartilage, but as we age, the cartilage calcifies. In some men, the bottom of the xiphoid process may angle outwards from the chest, and when it hardens, raised lines or bumps may become prominent.

With a xiphoidectomy, Dr. Oritz will remove the xiphoid process under general anesthesia. Through electrosurgical dissection of the lower sternum, the calcified cartilage is separated from the soft tissues surrounding it and removed. Then, Dr. Ortiz will use electric currents to stop any bleeding. The exposed tissues are closed by the rectus muscle, and the incision is then sutured closed. The result is a smooth area free of protrusions or bumps.

This procedure is generally very safe, and while you may have bruising and tenderness during healing, the recovery time is quite short. Most patients are able to resume normal activity after a few weeks, though Dr. Ortiz will provide you with a more in-depth timeline during your consultation.

Is Xiphoidectomy Right for You?

Unlike rhinoplasty or liposuction, most people aren’t familiar with xiphoidectomy surgery. However, many men struggle with self-consciousness, and in some cases pain and discomfort from a protruding xiphoid process, and aren’t aware there is a solution to this concern. Having it removed eliminates the noticeable bumps as well as any discomfort it may cause, allowing you to live with greater comfort and confidence.

Schedule a Consultation for Xiphoidectomy Surgery Today

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