Open or Closed Rhinoplasty – Which One Is Right for You?

If you’re unhappy with the shape of your nose, or you have difficulties with sleeping or breathing clearly due to a misshapen bridge or previous injury, you may be considering rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty, usually called a nose job, is a way to reshape the nose, correcting how it looks so you can feel more confident and comfortable with your appearance. However, when it comes to getting a nose job, there are two ways to perform the procedure, open or closed rhinoplasty. Our board-certified plastic surgeon in Raleigh is sharing the difference between the two procedures and which one will help you achieve your goals.

Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty is often called external rhinoplasty.  A small incision is made on the columella, the soft tissue that separates the nostrils, so Dr. Ortiz can access the bone and cartilage within the nose more easily. This method offers a broader range of motion and increased visibility, as well as access to a greater area of the nose, so it’s often used for more dramatic correction, including:

  • Repair to a previous rhinoplasty procedure;
  • Repair to a nose that’s been broken;
  • Correcting a crooked bridge or structural problem with the nose;
  • Significant reshaping of the nose;
  • An extreme reduction in nasal tip projection;
  • Intensive or complex suturing and grafting;

A small scar on the columella is left behind, though it is barely visible and fades over time.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty is also called endonasal rhinoplasty, and any incisions and reshaping are done within the nostrils. This method is generally used when the patient desires minor corrections and reshaping of the nasal tip. An endonasal rhinoplasty is much less invasive than an open procedure, meaning there is generally less post-surgical swelling and a shorter recovery time. Also, because any incisions are made on the interior of the nostrils, there is no visible scarring.

Choosing the Right Type of Rhinoplasty

You and Dr. Ortiz will discuss the right option for your rhinoplasty during your consultation. Generally, when only minor contouring and reshaping to the cartilage below the bridge is needed, a closed rhinoplasty is performed. For more significant reshaping, correcting a prior surgery, or repairing structural issues, an open rhinoplasty is performed to provide more range of repair and correction.

Recovering After Rhinoplasty

Whether you have an open or closed rhinoplasty, you’ll need to take about a week off work to ensure a full recovery. A splint will be placed on your nose to ensure it stays still and secure, and there will be significant swelling and even bruising around the nose and eyes (racoon eyes). After the first week, much of the swelling and bruising has gone down, and within six weeks, you can safely return to your usual activities, including working out, provided Dr. Ortiz gives the all-clear.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will need some rest and relaxation after the procedure. As the swelling goes down and subsides, you’ll get to see the difference in your appearance, which usually takes just one to two weeks.

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