How to Get Natural Looking Breast Implants

For many women who are considering breast augmentation, their biggest concern is whether their breasts will look natural or if it will be obvious they had implants placed. Fortunately, innovations in both materials and surgical techniques allow women to have larger, more shapely breasts while still having a natural look and feel. Dr. Ortiz, a leading plastic surgeon in Raleigh, is sharing the factors that go into how to get natural-looking breast implants.

Choosing Materials: Silicone or Saline Implants

Breast implants are typically filled with silicone or saline. Let’s look at the benefits and challenges of each type:

Silicone Breast Implants

  • More natural look and feel;
  • Less likely to ripple under the skin;
  • Maintains their shape for a longer period of time;
  • Larger incisions are required for placement;
  • Incision placement is restricted;

Saline Breast Implants

  • Are filled at different volumes making them ideal for achieving symmetry;
  • Smaller incisions can be made to place the implants;
  • Can be absorbed into the body if they rupture or leak;
  • Less natural look and feel;
  • More prone to rippling;

While saline breast implants are slightly less in demand today than they were several years ago, they are still popular options. These work well for women who are under the age of 22 as well as women with more existing breast tissue. Silicone implants are an excellent choice for women with less existing tissue. However, Dr. Ortiz will discuss the right option with you during your consultation.

Choosing Placement: Above or Below the Pectoral Muscle

Breast implants can be placed either under the pectoral muscle (“submuscular” or “subpectoral”) or over the muscle but behind the mammary glands (subglandular). Let’s look at the benefits and challenges of both types of breast implant placement:

Submuscular Breast Implant Placement

  • More coverage of the implant, creating a smoother, more natural shape and appearance;
  • Less likely to develop a capsule of scar tissue around the implant (called capsular contracture) that may be painful or affect the shape of the breast;
  • Less chance of visible rippling;
  • Longer recovery time due to incisions through muscle;
  • Swelling lasts longer, delaying “final results”
  • Muscle movement may shift the implant and tissue, causing “animation deformity;”

Subglandular Breast Implants

  • Recovery is quicker and more comfortable;
  • There is no animation deformity;
  • Swelling subsides more quickly;
  • Capsular contracture is more likely;
  • Visible rippling is more likely if not enough breast tissue;
  • Looks less natural for women with little to no existing breast tissue;
  • Looks very natural for women with existing tissue that can smooth and cover the edges of the implant.

To determine the right placement, Dr. Ortiz will look at existing breast tissue, your goals for how you want your final results to be, and lifestyle factors that may affect results.

Patient Factors That Determine Natural Looking Breast Implants

In addition to choosing the right material and placement, one of the most important factors in how to get natural-looking breast implants is choosing a size and shape that works for your unique body type.

Rather than choosing a specific cup size, Dr. Ortiz will assess a variety of factors:

  • Height
  • Build
  • Skin quality of and around the breast
  • Existing natural breast tissue
  • Goals for body results

Looking at these factors, Dr. Ortiz can suggest an implant with the diameter, projection, and volume that will offer the size, natural appearance, and long-term success you want.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Breast Augmentation Today

If you would like larger, fuller breasts that also look and feel natural, Dr. Ortiz can help you achieve that goal. During your consultation, he will work with you to determine the best placement, incision, and materials that will provide the best overall results for your health, appearance, and wellbeing. To schedule your consultation, reach out to our office today at 919-532-2270 or complete our easy-to-use online contact form below.

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