Should You Keep Your Plastic Surgery a Secret?

You are ready to feel more confident in your appearance, so you’ve made the decision to have cosmetic surgery. While you’re excited to get your new look, whether it’s a slimmer tummy, larger breasts, or smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, you don’t want people to know you’re having work done. This is a perfectly natural and normal way to feel and to help you keep your procedure to yourself, our plastic surgery center in North Raleigh is sharing some tips on how to do so safely and effectively.

Should You Tell People About Your Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, from dermal fillers to a full mommy makeover, are your business, and your business only. Some people are very open about having “work done,” while other people don’t even tell their spouses, often choosing to wait until their partners are away on business to schedule their procedure. While you may be asked invasive questions, especially if you’re having a procedure with visible results, such as breast augmentation or rhinoplasty, it’s not anyone’s business. Just like any other medical information, it’s between you and your doctor, and who you tell (or don’t) is your concern.

Tips for Keeping Cosmetic Surgery Private

Whether you’re getting Botox injections or having more intensive work done, there will most likely be some “evidence” that you’ve had it done, so if you choose to keep your procedure a secret, here are some tips for doing so effectively.

Plan Ahead

First, you’ll want to plan ahead to take appropriate time off work for your procedure. Cosmetic surgery often requires several days of downtime, so you’ll want to schedule one to two weeks off work in advance. Again, you’re under no obligation to tell anyone why you’re taking time off, but you still need to make sure you give yourself the healing time you need. Even dermal fillers and injections can cause bruising and swelling so scheduling these on a Friday when you have the weekend off or before a holiday may be beneficial.

Consider Your Wardrobe

If you’re having a Brazilian butt lift or breast augmentation, you’ll still be experiencing swelling and wearing special garments when you go back to work. Unless you can work remotely, you’re probably not able to go in wearing yoga pants and a loose t-shirt, but you can choose more comfortable and forgiving styles. Tunic-style tops, A-line skirts, and soft fabrics are often a good compromise between comfort and work-appropriate.

Talk to Your Doctor

For facial procedures, talk to your doctor about ways to safely reduce bruising and swelling, or cover it. In addition to using arnica cream for bruising and ice packs for swelling, Dr. Ortiz can provide you with guidance on when you can safely wear makeup to cover any residual bruising, swelling, or scarring.

Don’t Attempt to Recover Alone

With the exception of non-invasive procedures, you’re going to need assistance following cosmetic surgery, so you’ll want to tell at least one person as your emergency contact and caregiver. This is someone who can pick you up from our plastic surgery center and also stay with you for 24 hours to help you get up and around, pick up your pain medication, and keep an eye on you.

Having close friends or loved ones in the loop can make your recovery easier. Consider telling people who you can rely on for child care, assisting with errands when you’re not able to drive, or even providing you with much-needed company when you’re recovering at home.

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