From Piercing Scars to Pregnancy: How Umbilicoplasty Can Restore Your Tummy

Pregnancy, weight loss, a scar from a belly button piercing, an abdominal hernia, or even just genetics can affect how your belly button looks, whether it protrudes, stretched horizontally, or has other flaws. While exercise and diet can trim your abdomen, lifestyle actions don’t affect your belly button, but it can easily be repaired with a brief, simple umbilicoplasty procedure. If you would like a more attractive belly button so you can feel more confident and comfortable with your appearance, our renowned plastic surgeon in Raleigh is sharing what you need to know.

What Is Belly Button Surgery?

First, let’s look at what the belly button actually is. The belly button is technically a scar that comes from cutting the umbilical cord that babies have which connects them to the placenta in the womb. When the baby is born, the cord needs to be cut, and the size and shape of the scar left behind after the cut is affected by genetics and also how the doctor cuts the cord.

The umbilicoplasty procedure was originally designed to repair umbilical hernias. This is a condition in which the abdominal wall muscles don’t join completely or they tear and fatty tissues or intestinal tissue can bulge out through the gap. However, in recent years, this surgery has started being used for more than hernia repair, it’s become a popular cosmetic procedure for people who are uncomfortable with the size, shape, or look of their belly button.

Understanding Umbilicoplasty Procedure

Umbilicoplasty is performed by making incisions inside the belly button, which minimizes scarring. Excess fat, tissue, and skin is removed, allowing Dr. Ortiz to reshape and restructure the area. If there is a small hernia or bulging tissue, this can be addressed, too. Occasionally and umbilical hernia may be present and this can be addressed at the same time. Once the belly button is shaped in the way the patient and doctor discussed and agreed upon during the initial consultation, any incisions are closed. Typically, the end result is a “tucked in” belly button with a vertical oval appearance and a slight hood over the top of the area.

Prior to the procedure, it’s important to sit down with Dr. Ortiz or your local plastic surgeon, who can discuss your expectations, goals and probably outcomes, and any risks of complications. If you are ready to move forward, a date will be scheduled for your outpatient surgery. Following umbilicoplasty surgery, the patient may experience a bit of swelling and soreness, but otherwise, there’s minimal side effects and most patients can return to work within a few days. During your recovery, it’s important to take any medication, keep the area clean and dry, and keep an eye out for any infection or other concerns you’ll learn about during your initial consultation.

Why Choose Umbilicoplasty

If you dread wearing a bikini or hate seeing yourself in the mirror because you are self-conscious of how your belly button looks, having it repaired can improve your self-esteem and enhance the quality of your life.

Dr. Ortiz often provides umbilicoplasty for people to repair:

  • Piercing scars
  • Stretched navels due to pregnancy
  • Misshapen navels caused by weight changes
  • Hernias
  • Protruding belly buttons (“outies”)

Umbilicoplasty with Other Procedures

Often, Dr. Ortiz performs belly button surgery in conjunction with other procedures, typically a tummy tuck or a mommy makeover. During a tummy tuck, excess tissue and skin is removed from the abdomen and the muscles are tightened creating a smoother, more slim silhouette. An umbilicoplasty at the same time can improve the overall look of the abdomen.

A mommy makeover is a customized set of procedures that help women get their “pre-baby body” back. Often targeting the areas of the body most affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding, women often choose a breast lift to repair sagging and drooping after breastfeeding, labiaplasty to trim enlarged inner labia caused by hormone shifts, and a tummy tuck as well as an umbilicoplasty.

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