How to Get a Rounder Butt

Genetics, age, lifestyle – these all affect the shape, size, and firmness of your buttocks, so if you don’t have the curves you want, you have probably looked at how to get a rounder butt. If you’re not sure what works and what doesn’t, and you don’t want to waste time or money on trial and error, Dr. Ortiz, a leading plastic surgeon in Raleigh, is sharing the three most common methods women use to improve the shape of the buttocks and what works the best.

Shapewear for a Rounder Butt

Lately, shapewear designed to lift and mold the buttocks has been incredibly popular, all of it promising to make your backside look rounder, firmer, and fuller. But does it work? Even in the best-case scenario where the shapewear does give you a rounder backside, it’s simply pushing skin and fat up and around from your hips and squeezing it into shape or enhancing your shape with padding.

This may be fine if you simply want a temporary fix for one night, but many people have shared the following concerns about shapewear:

  • It’s uncomfortable and sitting, moving, and even walking can be impacted.
  • The thick, stretchy material doesn’t breathe, so it’s very hot.
  • Wearing it for a long period can lead to rashes or breakouts.

Most importantly, as soon as you take off the shapewear, you lose the shape. This means that wearing a bathing suit, leggings, or nothing at all, your backside will still have the lack of volume you’re trying to fix.

Exercising for a Rounder Butt

Squats, lunges, and chair sits all target the thighs and glutes to tone and firm up the muscle, but is this the way to get the round butt you want? Maybe. What that means is that in order to see a difference in shape, rather than tone, you need to specifically focus on glute training around three to four times a week for at least three to six months.

That’s assuming your backside becomes rounder at all. For many people who try these exercises, they have a firmer seat, but it’s not any rounder or fuller. Of course, even if you have experienced added volume, as soon as you stop exercising, you lose the progress you made.

We don’t want you to not exercise, in fact; exercising is important to maintain and enhance firmness, but from the perspective of adding volume, however, it typically doesn’t work.

A Brazilian Butt Lift Guarantees Results

The most effective way to get a rounder, firmer, curvier backside is with a Brazilian butt lift. This is a fat transfer procedure in which fat cells are harvested via liposuction, processed and cleaned, then injected into the buttocks. Doing this increases the volume of the buttocks, providing the roundness and fullness you’ve been seeking whether your buttocks are small, flat, or sagging.

Following the procedure, it is necessary to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for the first few weeks to give the area time to heal and avoid damaging the delicate fat cells. However, after the initial swelling and soreness go down and your final results reveal themselves after a few months, you’ll see an incredible transformation in your rear.

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Instead of worrying about shapewear or trying to find an exercise to help you increase the size of your buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift is most likely the best way to get the figure you want. Dr. Ortiz has performed countless BBLs to tremendous results and is happy to sit down with you and discuss whether or not this can help you meet your goals. Call us at 919-532-2270 or fill out the easy-to-use online contact form below.