4 Steps to Preparing Your Body for Bikini Season

It’s still a bit chilly outside, but swimsuit season is just around the corner. While you may be excited to spend time by the pool or relaxing at the beach, you may also feel some dread about putting on a swimsuit with all of your insecurities on display. Fortunately, with a blend of smart shopping and some lifestyle adjustments, you can get a bikini body in no time. Our plastic surgery center in North Raleigh is sharing the things you can do that will help you look and feel your best at the beach.

Set a SMART Goal

While you have a few months, now is a good time to set a SMART goal – this is a goal that is:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-based

For example, instead of setting a goal of “I want to look good in a bikini,” break it down to where you can create a plan and meet that goal if you follow it. “I want to lose 10 pounds and three inches from my waist in 12 weeks.” This gives you a specific goal to meet that is clearly defined, will help you look good in a bikini, and give you a deadline.

Make Simple Changes in Your Diet

A restrictive diet can be frustrating at best and risky to your health at worst. Instead of trying a fad diet or going all-in on keto or cleanses, focus on a few simple shifts that can lead to gradual, sustainable weight loss and reduce bloating:

  • Limit your alcohol as it has empty calories and can cause bloating and fatigue.
  • Add a serving of fruit and vegetables to each meal so you’ll feel full, get more nutrients, and be less likely to choose refined or processed foods.
  • Limit processed foods including chips, sweets, prepackaged meals, snacks, and soda.

Work Out Your Target Area

All of us have an area that needs a bit more attention than others, especially before putting on a bathing suit. While cardio is important to kick up your metabolism and burn calories, strength training will help you get toned and contoured. Each time you work out, spend a few minutes toning your target area:

  • Arms: Push-ups, small weight reps, wall push-ups
  • Legs: Squats and lunges (add dumbbells for additional challenges)
  • Core: Planks, crunches, vertical leg crunches
  • Butt: Squats, chair sits, lunges

Some exercises target several muscle groups, giving you a bit more bang for your buck.

Choose the Right Bikini for Your Body

While bikinis and bathing suits don’t hide much, you can still choose a style that works best for your body. Make sure to try on several different options, and if you’re not sure about size, choose a smaller option. Swimsuits tend to expand or get larger when they’re wet.

  • Wide or flat backside: Choose a bottom with high-cut legs and a higher waist to get a rounder, more lifted look. Avoid boyshorts that can flatten the buttocks.
  • Smaller breasts: Triangle bikini tops, bold prints, and embellishments like ruffles and bows create a curvier look, while bandeaus can be slimming and comfortable.
  • Large breasts: Support with underwire or molded cups provide support while wide straps are more comfortable.
  • Minimal curves: Tie-side bikini bottoms, strategically placed cut-outs, and bold prints can all enhance your curves.
  • Round tummy: Retro, high-waisted bikini bottom or a wrap-skirt will smooth out roundness.

The most important thing is to find a bikini that you’re comfortable in and that you love. If you like to be active and swim, choose the suit that gives you the range of motion and comfort you want.

Consider a Brazilian Butt Lift

Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough to meet your body goals, especially if you want a rounder, curvier backside. While lunges and squats may tone and firm up the area, they don’t help to add roundness. Fortunately, a Brazilian butt lift is a popular, surgical option in which fat cells are removed via liposuction, purified, then injected back into your buttocks. The end result is a rounder backside that will be perfect for showing off in a bikini.

Schedule a Consultation for a Brazilian Butt Lift Today

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