Choosing a Full or Mini Tummy Tuck – Which One is Best for You

You’d love to have a flat, trim tummy, but no matter how much you diet or how many crunches you do, you still have a “pooch.” Often caused by pregnancy or weight loss, this slack area of loose skin and stretched muscle can usually only be fixed with a tummy tuck. The question is: Do you need a full or a mini tummy tuck? Renowned Raleigh plastic surgeon, Dr. Ortiz, is breaking down the difference and factors that may affect your choice so you know which one may be right for you.

Understanding a Full Tummy Tuck

For a full tummy tuck, the goal is to smooth and tone the entire front abdominal from just below the rib cage to the pubic area. The procedure begins with an incision between the navel and pubic area and a second incision above the navel. Then, excess skin is removed from the belly, and the muscles are repaired and tightened. The skin is then pulled taut over the mid section, creating a smoother, slimmer shape. Often, a new belly button will be shaped or moved higher on the belly.

Understanding a Mini Tummy Tuck

For a mini tummy tuck, the area of focus is solely underneath the navel. Just like a full version, an incision is placed a few inches below the navel, allowing Dr. Ortiz to repair the lower muscles and remove the loose skin. Then, the skin is pulled tightly over the lower abdomen, eliminating signs of a lower belly pooch.

Choosing Which Tummy Tuck Is Right for You

Now that you have a better understanding of the procedures, you probably have a better idea of which one will align with your goals.

A mini tummy tuck is generally ideal for people who just have a small area of concern below the navel where there is a “pooch” that protrudes. It’s a less invasive procedure that is often easier to heal from while still providing you with the flatter, more toned tummy that looks great in fitted outfits and swimwear.

A full tummy tuck is the right choice for people who have excess skin, sagging, and/or roundness both above and below the navel. While it’s a more involved procedure, most patients are very happy with the results and are up and around quickly.

Regardless of which procedure you choose, both are designed for women who are done having children as future pregnancies will compromise the results. Additionally, you’ll want to maintain a healthy diet and engage in regular exercise after Dr. Ortiz clears you to ensure your results last.

Combining Your Tummy Tuck with Other Procedures

While a tummy tuck will take care of loose skin and slack muscles, it may not remove stretch marks, unless they’re located on the part of the excess skin to be removed. Additionally, fat is not removed from the area during the procedure. However, if you have stubborn areas of fat along your abdomen or in other areas, such as your thighs, buttock, or back, Dr Ortiz can perform liposuction at the same time as you are having your tummy tuck performed.

Additionally, many women who are reclaiming their body after they are done having children will choose a “mommy makeover.” This is a customized set of procedures to help you look your best after having babies and may include a breast lift, breast augmentation, labiaplasty, or a Brazilian butt lift, depending on your goals.

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