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Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures by Age Demographic

Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures by Age Group As we age our priorities in life tend to change, as do our bodies and our feelings about what we can change about our bodies. When considering plastic surgery, depending on a woman’s age, she might want very different things out of her cosmetic procedures throughout different […]

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Labiaplasty Recovery Process

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in their own skin. Having a plastic surgery procedure often results in improved mental health, increased self-esteem, and overall happiness. Despite not being as popularly and openly discussed as breast augmentation or tummy tucks, labiaplasty surgery is a very common surgical procedure performed by plastic surgeons. A […]

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6 Benefits of Labiaplasty

No one likes to talk about oversized labia, but this is a concern for millions of women. If wearing a bathing suit or leggings fills you with worry or you feel embarrassed in front of your partner, this can affect your overall confidence and well-being. Fortunately, a simple cosmetic procedure can help. Dr. Ortiz, a […]