Buccal Fat Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Buccal fat removal, also known as cheek reduction surgery, is a popular cosmetic surgery aimed at enhancing facial aesthetics by reducing the fullness of the cheeks. If you’re considering this procedure, or simply curious about it, the team at North Raleigh Plastic Surgery has the answers.


Whether you’re seeking information on the buccal fat removal procedure itself, its benefits, risks, or aftercare, we’ve got you covered. Let’s begin by exploring the fundamentals of buccal fat removal and what you can expect from this transformative experience.


Buccal Fat Removal FAQs

Q: What is Buccal Fat Removal, and why is it done?

A: Buccal fat removal, also known as cheek reduction surgery, is a cosmetic procedure designed to reduce the fullness of the cheeks. It is done to create a more sculpted, defined facial appearance by removing excess fat from the cheek area.


Q: Am I a good candidate for Buccal Fat Removal?

A: Good candidates for buccal fat removal typically have full or chubby cheeks they’d like to reduce. Ideal candidates are in good health, have realistic expectations, and are committed to following post-operative care instructions.


Q: How is the Buccal Fat Removal procedure performed?

A: During the procedure, small incisions are made inside the mouth, and the surgeon carefully removes excess fat from the buccal fat pads. The incisions are then closed with dissolvable sutures.


Q: Is Buccal Fat Removal permanent?

A: Yes, the results of buccal fat removal are generally considered permanent, as the fat cells removed do not regenerate. However, natural aging and changes in weight can affect the appearance of the cheeks over time.


Q: What are the potential risks and complications associated with a Buccal Fat Removal procedure?

A: Possible risks and complications include infection, bleeding, asymmetry, injury to nerves or other structures, and dissatisfaction with the results. It’s crucial to choose an experienced plastic surgeon to minimize these risks.


Q: How should I prepare for Buccal Fat Removal surgery?

A: Preparation often includes avoiding certain medications, arranging for transportation on the day of surgery, and following any dietary restrictions provided by your surgeon.


Q: How long does Buccal Fat Removal surgery take?

A: Buccal fat removal surgery typically takes around 30 minutes to an hour to complete, making it a relatively quick procedure.


Q: What is the recovery process like after Buccal Fat Removal?

A: Recovery typically involves swelling and bruising, which can last for several days to a few weeks. Patients should follow post-operative care instructions, which may include a soft diet and avoiding strenuous activities.


Q: When will I see the results of Buccal Fat Removal?

A: While some initial results may be visible after a few weeks, it can take several months for the full results of buccal fat removal surgery to become apparent as swelling subsides.


Q: Can Buccal Fat Removal be combined with other cosmetic procedures?

A: Yes, it can be combined with other facial procedures like rhinoplasty or chin liposuction to achieve a more comprehensive transformation. Discuss your goals with your surgeon to determine the best approach.


Q: Are there non-surgical alternatives to Buccal Fat Removal?

A: Non-surgical alternatives like facial fillers can increase volume in surrounding areas giving the appearance of more sculpted cheeks, but they do not offer the same permanent results as buccal fat removal.


Q: Will Buccal Fat Removal leave visible scars?

A: No, the incisions for buccal fat removal are typically made inside the mouth, so there are no visible external scars.


Q: What should I expect during the initial consultation with a plastic surgeon for Buccal Fat Removal?

A: During the consultation with your plastic surgeon, you can discuss your goals, expectations, and any concerns you may have. The surgeon will evaluate your suitability for a buccal fat removal procedure and explain the process in detail. At this time, you can ask any questions for clarification.


Q: How much does Buccal Fat Removal cost with North Raleigh Plastic Surgery?

A: The price for buccal fat removal starts between $4,200 – $4,725 at North Raleigh Plastic Surgery. As this procedure is entirely customized to each patient, your cost may vary.  Your exact written quote will be available to you following your consultation.


Q: What is included in the cost of a procedure for Buccal Fat Removal?

A: The pricing for buccal fat removal covers the essential pre-operative and post-operative consultations, the surgical intervention, and any required surgical supplies.


Q: Can insurance cover the cost of Buccal Fat Removal?

A: Unfortunately, insurance does not cover the cost of buccal fat removal surgery at North Raleigh Plastic Surgery at this time. However, our practice aims to make buccal fat removal accessible to clients, so as a result we offer various payment options. We offer a cash discount as well as accept Care Credit and all major credit cards.


Q: Can a Buccal Fat Removal procedure be financed?

A: Yes, there are  financing options available for buccal fat removal at North Raleigh Plastic Surgery. Financing options include Care Credit and Alphaeon Credit and can be discussed with our team when scheduling your procedure.


Q: What are your payment terms for Buccal Fat Removal in Raleigh?

A: At North Raleigh Plastic Surgery, we require a 25% deposit at the time of booking. The remaining balance for the procedure is due no later than 2 weeks prior to the date of your surgery.


Q: How many post-op appointments will I have following Buccal Fat Removal surgery?

A: The number of post-op appointments after buccal fat removal in Raleigh varies but typically includes at least two follow-ups to monitor your recovery and address any concerns. Your surgeon will provide a specific, personalized schedule based on your progress.


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