Ear Piercing in Raleigh

You know ear piercing is very common and generally safe, but you also want to go to a professional who you can trust to do it properly. This is true whether you want to have your baby’s ears pierced while they’re still small, your teenager has recently asked to get their ears pierced, or you would like to get yours done, even as an adult.

While it is a common procedure, there are still risks of infection or complication, which is why it’s important to get your or your child’s ears pierced in a safe, hygienic environment from someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about safe practices. At our North Raleigh plastic surgery center, our experienced nurse practitioner provides ear piercing for everyone from babies to adults so you can feel confident in your or your child’s wellbeing.

ear piercing in raleigh

Medical Ear Piercing in Raleigh

Just like any other cosmetic procedure, we prioritize our patient's well-being above all else. To ensure the best experience for all our patients, from babies and children to teens and adults, our experienced nurse practitioner uses sterilized equipment that is designed to gently pierce the ear to minimize pain, swelling, and tissue damage while ensuring the earrings are properly placed and even.

When you choose our plastic surgery center for ear piercing in Raleigh, you can expect medical-level sanitation and cleanliness to minimize the risk of infection, and we only use hypoallergenic materials to help prevent an allergic reaction. You'll also receive thorough aftercare guidelines for you or to help you care for your child's ears for a greater chance of success.

Dangers of Improper Ear Piercing

Because mall kiosks, jewelry stores, and walk-in piercing parlors all offer ear piercing, it may not seem like a serious procedure, and it is safe when done properly. However, the risk of complications, including infection, reactions to the piercing, and cartilage damage increases considerably when it's performed incorrectly.

Most piercing kiosks and jewelry stores are focused on saving time and making it easy for inexperienced clerks to pierce customers' ears, so they use a "piercing gun" that holds the earring and forces it into the ear. This blunt trauma can damage the tissue, especially in babies and young children. At the same time, the piercing gun is nearly impossible to properly sterilize, increasing the risk of infection. Choosing a medical environment where the proper equipment is sterilized leads to much better outcomes.

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